Owl + Lark – Luxury sleep experiences


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Owl + Lark – Luxury sleep experiences

Bringing disruption to the world of sleep

In this collaboration with London based technology start-up Owl + Lark, JPA Design was selected to advise on brand direction and product design to elevate and grow this new brand to a provider of luxury sleep.

The programme developed the internal structure, material, construction, packaging and art direction for this exciting new brand with the mission to perfect the art of sleeping.

The Layered to Perfection mattress combines contemporary craftsmanship with high-tech performance materials and product design. In an industry first, Italian calfskin leather together with quilted cashmere, wool and memory foam are combined to offer a level of luxury and performance not previously seen in any other mattress product.


The mattress adds contemporary craftsmanship to high-tech performance materials and product design with an attention to detail unlike that of any other mattress on the market.

A symmetrical embroidered brand at both ends, finished with a metallic yarn and beautiful textile upholstery, brings the detail of fashion to a very personal product.

The leather tags are stitched at opposite corners to showcase the brand on its top surface, with its lower surface embossed with four unique seasons reminding you to rotate your mattress every 3 months.

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JPA Design’s expertise was applied to more than just the colours, materials and branding of the product. The  team approached the project from a new angle taking into account various use cases to understand all of the  human connections made during the lifetime of the mattress and making these a part of the holistic  experience.  

From the welcome packaging, unboxing the roll top reusable bag to the seasonal rotating and daily sleep – the  highest quality materials and internal construction have been carefully sourced. Designed and made to provide  the most restful and unforgettable sleep.